CLB Systems LLC is a small business that can support the technological needs of your organization. Being a small business, we focus on placing the customer first; your success is our success.

sba small

Black American Owned Small Business

DUNS: 790902519


541511 (Primary): Custom computer programming services

Products and Services

  • Create/maintain custom computer programs
  • Create/maintain custom computer applications on:
    • Desktop
    • Website
    • Mobile
    • Can implement backend SQL databases
  • Website support with hosting management
  • On-site support for maintenance and operation of mini and main-frame computers
  • On-site analysis and troubleshooting resources
  • Hardware and software integration services
  • Manage data processing and computer system facilities
  • Create disaster recovery plans and resources for data recovery
  • Personnel with experience in, but not limited to:
    • Network engineers
    • Network control technicians
    • Network control center supervisors
    • System administrators


  • Over 30 years of IT and Electronic Engineering experience
  • Managed the infrastructure of a major online university with 3 locations that had frame and VPN tunnel connections
  • Responsible for development and implementation of $5 Million data center
  • Provides a personalized, professional approach to helping businesses solve their technology needs

Past Performance

  • 2013 Inaugural Parade Website
    • Subcontractor for Trusted Technologies. Upgraded the previous parade website to include a portal structure, creating better user experience
  • 2009 Inaugural Parade Website
    • Subcontractor for Trusted Technologies. Designed the website with the capabilities to collect information, allow organizers to view collected information, and communicate with participants