Commercial Markets

CLB Systems LLC is a professional services firm specializing in providing Information Technology and Management support. Our services include but are not limited to General Information Technology consulting, Management consulting, advanced technical and Datacenter management and support, applications development.

General Information Technology Consulting

CLB Systems LLC supplies onsite and offsite support services to fully man or augment your information technology team. Our teams of professionals are capable of supporting your operations and we can provide members who have achieved special certifications where needed. Our multi-disciplined teams of experts provide the depth of knowledge that will give you the peace of mind you require as you look to achieve your goals.

Management Consulting

Our teams include project managers with many years of experience who can help argument your team and provide a fresh perspective to proposed plans and the state of your environment. CLB Systems LLC is well versed and experienced in systems integrations, migrations, and deployments and can provide a proven plan to execute the task, while detailing potential problems that could derail the timeline. We believe in doing our best to mitigate and or lessen the risk as all stages of the plan.

Advanced Technical and Datacenter Support

CLB Systems LLC is fully capable of providing all aspects of datacenter support and management. We have the resources to design, implement, and manage a datacenter. CLB Systems LLC not only has the staff to help create the environmental specifications, we can create all the network engineering specifications required to create an infrastructure with the redundancy needed to support medium and large businesses. Details such as network operations and creating shift schedules to support the NOC can also be supplied.

Application Development

CLB Systems LLC has experience developing the following types of applications: embedded microcontroller (assembly, C, and C++), component object module (C, C++), Windows forms (C#, Visual Basic), Websites (C#, Java, ASP.NET) with SQL connections, and Android. CLB Systems LLC has the expertise to develop and rollout applications based on customer requirements.