Plan your finances with Living Budget Pro® from CLB Systems LLC. If you're looking for an enhanced personal budget planner and something more than just a budget, our financial planning software is perfect for you. Here, we pride ourselves in providing tools that can enhance your financial stability, and we can help you realize your financial potential. Additionally, our product can help you bring up your credit score or help get you out of a financial crisis. Living Budget Pro is an easy-to-use product at an affordable price. Basically, a living budget is a method of displaying your finances in a contextual, editable format on your computer, where you can easily see the potential of your earnings.

Living Budget Pro is a financial planning and management tool. Living Budget Pro uncovers and displays your financial potential, and provides a means to alert you when upcoming bills and goals are in jeopardy. Living Budget Pro's 'Budget Squeeze' tool not only finds all available funds, but it provides a means for you to allocate all or a portion of those funds to one or many payees spreading it across the entire budget.

Living Budget Pro was designed to manage living budgets®. Living budgets provide a more visual, live look at your finances. When you create your living budget all your income and debt sources are loaded and spread across the entire year. You will then be able to fine tune your living budget in context, knowing how other incomes and expenses are affecting the overall budget. For those of you who still want to view a budget in more traditional forms, Living Budget Pro provides the ability for you to set spending goals and view reports that show spending against budget.

Given the current economy where money is premium, we all must strive to become better managers of our finances. Whether you are surviving or looking to advance, you must choose to adopt a more disciplined approach to the management of your resources. Living Budget Pro was designed to help individuals plan and manage their finances. Living Budget Pro's interface and methodology provides a structure where you can easily start applying a more disciplined approach to managing your finances. Since maintaining a living budget is as easy as maintaining your checkbook, consider switching from your current check register program and get more than a check register with Living Budget Pro. Learn more.

If you are considering starting a budget, or you just want to know your financial potential, consider purchasing Living Budget Pro today .